About TC Cooper

TC Cooper (aka “Coach TC”) is a visionary business leader with over two decades of experience as a privacy and intellectual property attorney, successful business owner, and certified personal executive coach. She is passionate about promoting biblical principles and Christ-centered practices in all industries and founded FaithFocusFlow® Global to help faith-based business owners and leaders achieve sustainable and significant success.


In addition to her professional pursuits, TC is also a certified personal executive coach and an accomplished online-business development strategist. She leverages her extensive knowledge and skills to guide others towards realizing their full potential though increasing their impact, influence and income through online revenue streams.


Aside from her work, TC has a passion for working with young people and advancing the arts in underserved communities. She also enjoys writing faith-based business devotions and exploring different neighborhoods, both domestically and internationally.



With a strong academic background from Hampton University and Columbia Law, and decades of success in corporate law and business, TC is well-equipped to lead others towards success. She is dedicated to using her God-given gifts to help others reach their goals and fulfill their purpose. To learn more about TC and her work, visit www.FaithFocusFlow.com.

UpwardAction® Media is a social media training company that empowers leaders to leverage the power of social media and digital technology to increase impact, expand influence, and diversify income in alignment with their core values.


We work with individuals, businesses, and organizations across industries and provide tailored training programs, workshops, and coaching services that help our clients succeed.



Founded by best-selling author, keynote speaker, business coach, and attorney TC Cooper, UpwardAction® Media is a division of UpwardAction LLC, a company dedicated to empowering leaders to achieve success on their terms. We provide innovative solutions to help our clients overcome the challenges of the digital landscape and stand out in their respective fields.

FaithFocusFlow® Global is a division of UpwardAction® that helps faith-based business owners, executives, and managers around the world build sustainable success on Biblical and Character-based principles. TC understands the unique challenges and pressures that faith-based leaders face and offers a supportive, faith-centered approach that is designed to help them navigate the complexities of business and leadership with confidence.


With a commitment to excellence, UpwardAction® Media and FaithFocusFlow® Global are dedicated to empowering leaders to achieve success while staying true to their values and beliefs.


Whether you’re looking to improve your social media strategy, develop leadership skills, or grow your faith-based business, we’re here to help.



So, if you’re ready to take your success to the next level, we invite you to join the UpwardAction® and @FaithFocusFlow families and start your “meaningful success” journey today!

TC offers a faith-centered approach to navigating the complexities of doing business online and empowers leaders to leverage the power of the internet to maximize online revenue while serving people, honoring God, and building wealth. She is a proud alumna of Hampton University and Columbia Law School and a dedicated change agent for faith-centered leaders around the world.

As the founder of FaithFocusFlow® Global Learning Center (GLC), TC makes biblical principles and Christ-centered practices accessible and practical for businesses that want to align their work with their faith. The GLC offers over 50 on-demand online business training lessons, co-working opportunities, and bible-based reading plans, among other resources.

Membership is open to individual business owners, and special packages are available for groups.

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