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The SHEE™ Nook is an esteemed corner within the U.S. Coalition of Black Women Businesses dedicated to celebrating the literary achievements of our esteemed organization’s leaders and members. It serves as a vibrant platform spotlighting the remarkable talents of authors within our community.

Here, we proudly showcase a diverse array of literary works, spanning various genres and themes, penned by the brilliant minds that drive our organization’s success. From thought-provoking narratives and empowering non-fiction to captivating fiction and insightful poetry, the Author’s Nook embraces and champions the rich tapestry of voices and perspectives within our coalition.

Our aim is to uplift and promote the creative endeavors of our leaders and members, offering them a space to share their stories, wisdom, and expertise with a wider audience. By highlighting the literary accomplishments of these remarkable individuals, the Author’s Nook stands as a testament to the depth of talent and creativity within our vibrant community.

We invite you to explore the diverse collection of books and writings authored by the talented leaders and members of the U.S. Coalition of Black Women Businesses. Immerse yourself in their narratives, gain insights, and support these accomplished individuals whose words and stories inspire, educate, and empower.

Join us in celebrating these literary luminaries whose words resonate far and wide, enriching our lives and communities with their extraordinary contributions. Visit the Author’s Nook and discover a world of captivating stories and thought-provoking works by the visionary authors within our coalition.

Laurana Edwards

Solutions Marketing Specialist – Project Manager | Profit Marketing Communications, LLC

My Business Plan Book – New Edition

This is an amazing business tool for financing, presenting your business case, and more importantly launching a new venture. This book is your blueprint for success. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions. Connect the dots for marketing, sales, social media, management, operations, and financing. No need to gamble with your time or waste money. Ask any Business and Management Consultant. You don’t have to run your business by trial and error. The easy steps applied using this book lets you take the guesswork out of any business endeavor Complete with strategic insights, financial tables, case studies, and solution-based problem-solving templates. Brace for an Increase because it’s coming.



Founder | Perfect Pitch

Raining 101 From Day 1

To train associates how to boldly pitch, attract, and close on their most ideal prospects turning them into repeat clients and referral sources. With killer sales pitch, relationship-building activities, genius content creation, strategy, coaching including 1 on 1 and precision, your associates will begin to build their own book of business starting from Day 1.

Erika Hill

CEO |Vision Street Research


Men and Women are affected equally when it comes to Alopecia. The sudden change in one’s appearance whether male or female can be very upsetting and lead to negative feelings that can affect your self-esteem and social life. Being in a relationship takes a lot of work and if alopecia hair loss is added to the equation it can bring another level of stress. Read the stories of men and women who decided to live in their truth despite of societal beauty, and relationship norms. Alopecia our stories will take you on a journey of resilience, hope, healing and love.

Yolanda Brathwaite

Founder | Grown Girls NYC

Sister Code

Being a woman is so empowering. We’re strong, ambitious, and wear many hats. I am so proud of my gender and enjoy every minute of being a woman. We want to be understood and would like to be respected. I love a little friendly competition every now and then but to never be happy for your “Sisters” accomplishments and continuously try to show them that you’re better? Isn’t a ‘Sister Code’ way to be.
That kind of behavior doesn’t make you a good a friend, and definitely not a ‘Grown Girl’. So in this book journey Sister Code volume 1, I express my opinion on ways that women can come together and have mutual respect for one another, as well as dwelling in peace with each other.
“You don’t have to like every woman but every woman deserves respect.”

Here Is A Listing of Books Banned in America from Harper Bazaar