Power Of SHEE Chronicles Podcast – Impact of the Affirmative Action Ruling

As the recent Affirmative Action ruling takes center stage, two prominent voices, Dr. Ram Raju and Dr. Jo-Anne Rolle, share their insights on its potential impact on society.
The Affirmative Action ruling sparks critical conversations about social justice, equality, and the role of the government in addressing historical injustices. While it presents challenges and complexities, they see it as an opportunity to reevaluate and improve existing policies to achieve a more equitable future for all.


History of  The Power of SHEE™

In this podcast episode, we will discuss the history of The Power of SHEE™, a movement that was created to empower Black women business owners. We will hear from the founders of The Power of SHEE™ about how they came up with the idea for the movement. Topics 
• The history of The Power of SHEE™ 
• The challenges that Black women business owners face 
• How The Power of SHEE™ is helping to address these challenges

An incredible journey in starting a virtual business

The SHEE™ Boss Chronicles Podcast recently featured a captivating episode where the inspiring Courtney D. Holland had a thought-provoking conversation with the remarkable Kijaffa Hall. In this illuminating discussion, Kijaffa shared her incredible journey of starting a virtual business, shedding light on the essential mindsets and laser-sharp focuses that have propelled her success. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking motivation and actionable insights on how to transform dreams into a thriving reality. Tune in and let their wisdom ignite your entrepreneurial spirit

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