In Loving Memory of Carrie Mason-Draffen (1945-2017)

Today, we honor the remarkable life of Carrie Mason-Draffen, my neighbor a former Newsday business writer and columnist. We lost a champion who dedicated 35 years to informing and empowering employees and employers about workplace rights. Our condolences to her family and colleagues.  

Carrie retired in 2019, leaving a remarkable legacy on Newsday’s business desk. She was not only a talented writer but also a beloved figure among her colleagues. Fondly referred to as “otra mamá” or “another mother,” she created a sense of family within the newsroom. Her Thanksgiving dinners at her Freeport home brought warmth and laughter. Additionally, Carrie established an office-wide Spanish club where journalists could converse in their native or adoptive languages while enjoying her famous flan and cinnamon rolls.

Carrie’s unique personality encompassed compassion, assertiveness, and a great sense of humor. She expressed outrage when needed and delighted in preparing gourmet dishes that rivaled those of professional chefs. At the same time, she savored the simplicity of a down-home meal from Gates BBQ in Kansas City.

As we reflect on Carrie Mason-Draffen’s remarkable life, we also express our gratitude for the articles she crafted for Helberg Electrical Supply LLC. Her expertise and insights undoubtedly made a positive impact on the company and its employees.

Carrie, your knowledge, passion, and compassionate spirit have left an indelible mark on all who had the privilege of knowing you. Today, we celebrate your life, your accomplishments, and the light you brought into our lives. May you rest in peace, knowing that your legacy lives on in the hearts of those you touched.

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We will surely miss you. Etched in my memory is the day She called me about this story and said ” We are going to mix this up.”

I have graced the front page of the Business Section of Newsday, accompanied by an insightful interview conducted by the remarkable Carrie Mason-Draffen.

“Carrie Mason-Draffen, Truly is a remarkable Business Writer and Columnist Whose Passion and Inspiration Transcend Pages, Touching Lives and Unveiling Extraordinary Stories of Success.”