Angelé Doyne

South Regional Vice President


Angelé Doyne has more than 15 years of experience intersecting business, education, economic equity, and public service to advance positive outcomes for diverse communities. Her background bridges traditional business, and public/private efforts to adopt innovative technologies and collaborative practice.

As the founder of the Ampersand Group, Angelé leads initiatives to facilitate public-private partnerships that stimulate diverse business investment, robust supplier diversity, and intentional talent development in emerging markets. 

Angelé’s reach extends across the globe through the 1Worker1Vote One Tribe — a global network of partners who seed cooperative democratic free enterprise ecosystems as the engine for innovation and economic prosperity in under-served communities. This network bridges across borders, markets, and silos, connecting communities in Spain; Canada; South America; the U.K.; Southern and Western Africa; and throughout the United States.

Her passion for building sustainable ecosystems connects businesses, people & places to nurture strategic partnerships that ignite a shared responsibility toward the longevity and well-being of networks and communities.