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Letter from the President

Deidre Helberg

Esteemed Members of the U.S. Coalition of Black Women Businesses,

I write to you with immense pride in the strength and unity displayed by the Black women in business, showcased brilliantly by The Fearless Fund’s recent triumph against discrimination. As we celebrate this victory, we also acknowledge the challenges that persist, raising a critical question: how many more battles must we endure? It is this very query that fuels our newsletter – a platform for unity, support, and amplified voices, emphasizing the paramount importance of solidarity. In these times of uncertainty, as challenges disproportionately target our community and test our resilience, it’s crucial to recognize the incredible power residing within each one of us. Our history speaks volumes about our ability to overcome adversity, break barriers, and create change. Now, more than ever, we must draw upon this indomitable spirit. Your presence in the U.S. Coalition of Black Women Businesses is not just valued; it is essential.

Your businesses are not merely contributors to our economic growth; they are integral threads in the social fabric of our nation. The collective power of our skills, talents, and expertise makes our coalition an unstoppable force. At the crossroads of pressing issues – human rights, discrimination, education, democracy, and civil rights – our focus and diligence are imperative. We are the legacy of trailblazers,

shattering granite ceilings and paving the way for generations to follow. Today’s challenges are opportunities to demonstrate the power of SHEE™: Social, Health, and Economic Equity. We must continue to walk in Strength, Hope, Procurement, and Excellence. Through our unity, we can effect change in our communities, businesses, and the broader world. Our strength lies not just in our individual capabilities but in our ability to collaborate and amplify each other’s voices. Together, we can overcome any challenge that comes our way.

As Black Women in Business, we recognize our path is unique. It involves championing social equity, nurturing a resilient supply chain, and advocating for environmental justice. Today, I urge you to get involved wholeheartedly in promoting local content, fortifying our supply chains, advancing environmental justice, and investing in workforce development. These efforts are intertwined and vital to bridging the gaps that have left many underserved. Environmental justice isn’t a privilege; it’s a right. We must actively engage with marginalized communities, integrate their voices into decision-making processes, and acknowledge that access to a healthy environment is a fundamental human right. We possess the resources, expertise, and moral responsibility to champion these causes. In summary, our industry must take a leading role in promoting local content, cultivating resilient supply chains, and championing environmental justice. Let’s combine our efforts to mold a future where sustainability isn’t just an aspiration but a reality for everyone. Together, we can illuminate the path towards a more equitable and environmentally conscious world. With unwavering determination and solidarity.

The Fearless Fund: Championing Diversity and Defending Affirmative Action

Deidre Helberg

In the realm of venture capital, where diversity and inclusion have historically been sorely lacking, the Fearless Fund has emerged as a beacon of hope for women of color-led businesses. This Black woman-owned and operated venture capital firm has been on a mission to address the systemic underfunding of businesses led by women of color. However, their bold stance recently led them into a legal battle with the American Alliance for Equal Rights (AAER), which claimed racial discrimination in their application process. In a significant development, the Georgia Federal Courts ruled in favor of the Fearless Fund, allowing them to continue their mission of empowering Black women entrepreneurs.

The Fearless Fund, co-founded by Arian Simone, has made it their mission to uplift Black women entrepreneurs who often face disproportionate barriers when seeking venture capital funding. They recognized the pressing need to address the pervasive racial gap in venture capital funding, where a mere 0.02% of all venture capital investments were directed towards Black women-owned businesses. The Fearless Fund’s commitment to inclusivity and empowerment led them to focus exclusively on Black women as beneficiaries of their marquee grant competition.

In August, the AAER filed a lawsuit against the Fearless Fund, alleging racial discrimination. The AAER cited Section 1981 of the Civil Rights Act of 1866, a U.S. law that prohibits racial bias in private contracts, to argue that the Fearless Fund’s exclusive focus on Black women was discriminatory. This legal challenge not only caught the attention of the business world but also ignited a broader debate about affirmative action programs and their role in addressing historical disparities.

On September 26, the Georgia Federal Courts handed down a ruling that favored the Fearless Fund. The judge refused to issue an injunction that would have prevented the fund from issuing grants to early-stage businesses owned by Black women. This decision represents a significant win for both the Fearless Fund and the cause of diversity and inclusion in the venture capital world. It underscores the importance of affirmative action measures in rectifying historical injustices and leveling the playing field.

The Fearless Fund’s victory in court reaffirms their commitment to championing diversity and empowering Black women entrepreneurs. As co-founder Arian Simone passionately stated during a press conference in New York City, “Activism is in our DNA. We’re not scared.” The Fearless Fund is determined to continue its mission despite legal challenges and opposition, recognizing that their work is essential to addressing economic disparities within the Black diaspora.

The Fearless Fund’s recent legal victory sends a powerful message about the importance of affirmative action in addressing systemic inequalities. It underscores the need for organizations like the Fearless Fund to continue their crucial work of supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs. As the venture capital landscape slowly transforms, the Fearless Fund remains a symbol of hope, resilience, and fearless determination in the face of adversity. Their commitment to inclusivity and empowerment paves the way for a more diverse and equitable future in the world of business and investment.


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The Power of SHEE™

Member of the Month

Vera Moore

Vera Moore is not just an entrepreneur; she is a trailblazer, a visionary, and an embodiment of resilience. Her journey is a testament to what determination, passion, and a strong belief in oneself can achieve. Vera is the founder and CEO of Vera Moore Cosmetics, a cosmetics line designed to meet the specific beauty needs of women of color. Her story is one of overcoming adversity and breaking barriers in the beauty industry.

Vera’s journey to success was far from conventional. Before entering the world of entrepreneurship, she was a talented actress who appeared in numerous television shows and films, including a role on the iconic soap opera “Another World.” However, Vera’s true calling emerged when she recognized the lack of cosmetics products that catered to the diverse needs of women of color. Determined to fill this gap, she founded Vera Moore Cosmetics, a brand that celebrates and enhances the beauty of Black women.

At the upcoming Business Luncheon SHEE™ Fireside Chat, Vera Moore will share her inspiring journey, including the challenges she faced and the lessons she learned along the way. Her story is a beacon of hope for women entrepreneurs who aspire to break through barriers and make a significant impact in their respective industries.

The Business Luncheon SHEE™ Fireside Chat featuring Vera Moore promises to be an unforgettable evening filled with inspiration, wisdom, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded women entrepreneurs. Whether you’re just starting your entrepreneurial journey or looking to take your business to the next level, this event is a must-attend.

Join us on November 1, 2023, for this exclusive Fireside Chat with Vera Moore. Stay tuned for registration details, and mark your calendar for an evening that could change the course of your entrepreneurial journey.

At the U.S. Coalition of Black Women Businesses, we believe in the power of unity, diversity, and empowerment. Together, we can inspire and support each other to reach new heights of success. See you at the SHEE Fireside Chat!


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USCBWB – Business Luncheon SHEE Fireside Chat

Join us for a transformative afternoon of empowerment, inspiration, and networking at the U.S. Coalition of Black Women Businesses’ Business Luncheon SHEE™ Fireside Chat on November 1, 2023. This event promises to be a dynamic gathering of trailblazing Black women entrepreneurs, professionals, and advocates who are committed to advancing Social, Health, and Economic Equity (SHEE™) for Black women in the business world.

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