Black Owned Banks

Financial stability and reinvestment in the Black community are crucial steps toward achieving equity. Did you know there are over 35 Black owned banks and credit unions in the United States where you could consider putting your money?


Omega Psi Phi Credit Union – Lawrenceville, GA

FAMU Federal Credit Union – Tallahassee, FL

Seaway Bank – Chicago, IL

United Bank of Philadelphia –Philadelphia, PA

Carver State Bank – Savannah, GA

City National Bank – Newark, NJ

First Tuskegee Bank – Tuskegee, AL

First State Bank – Danville, VA

Carver Federal Savings Bank – New York, NY

Tri-State Bank –Memphis, TN

Columbia Savings and Loan – Milwaukee, WI

Citizen Trust Bank – Birmingham, AL

Toledo Urban Credit Union – Toledo, OH

Phi Beta Sigma FCU – Washington, DC

Credit Union of Atlanta – Atlanta, GA

The Harbor Bank – Baltimore, MD

All-American Bank – Birmingham, AL

Capital City Bank – Atlanta, GA

Commonwealth National Bank – Mobile, AL

Mechanics & Farmers Bank – Durham, NC

Illinois Service Federal – Chicago, IL

One United Bank – Miami, FL

Citizens Bank –Nashville, TN

Liberty Bank – Baton Rouge, LA

Liberty Bank – Chicago, IL

Hill District Credit Union – Pittsburgh, PA

One United Bank Los Angeles, CA

North Milwaukee State Bank – Milwaukee, WI

Liberty Bank – New Orleans, LA

Broadway Federal Bank – Los Angeles, CA

Citizens Trust Bank – Atlanta, GA

Industrial Bank – Washington D.C.

First Independence Bank – Detroit, MI

Unity National Bank – Houston, Texas

One United Bank – Boston, MA

South Carolina Community Bank –Columbia, SC

Liberty Bank – Kansas City, Missouri

Liberty Bank – Jackson, MS