“We must become our own job creators, job innovators, and entrepreneurial disruptors in a world that is not colorblind.” —Dr. Jo-Ann Rolle

Dr. Jo-Ann Rolle shares her exceptional wisdom and leadership in this discussion of mobilizing equity for Black women business owners. Topics include developing and leveraging strategic partnerships; small business development; and disadvantaged business development in spite of the pandemic.

Where in the world are Black economists? Turns out that Black women economists are here, in quiet places unseen. Dr. Jo-Ann Rolle is a rare gem indeed as one of very few Black economists, and even fewer Black women economists in the United States. As the Dean of the School of Business at Medgar Evers College, she brings extensive executive leadership experience in higher education, corporate and federal government operations. In 2015 she was awarded recognition by the Network Journal as one of the 25 influential African American women in Business. 

Summary of Topics Covered

» Equity – How is equity defined and measured? What does it mean for black businesses and the black community?
» Strategies – Increase diverse strategic resources, networks, and partnerships to empower and improve success.
» Growth & Development – Increase collaboration and collective cooperation to leverage growth and development post COV19.
» Mobilizing Equity – Empower and improve equity  in the future through unity, accountability and mobilizing black women owned businesses